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You can help to spread the word of the wonderful work we do by becoming a community champion.
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Become a champion

What is a community champion?

Bexley’s Community Champions programme was launched in summer 2020, in order to help us reach communities across Bexley. Our Community Champions are a vital lifeline for the BWP, and help us to disseminate information to residents about a range of support services we offer. We wouldn’t be able to reach so many people with important messages around health and wellbeing without our amazing Community Champions who are made up of everyday people living across Bexley.

Our Community Champions have their finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the borough and belong to a mix of networks, meaning we reach more and more residents with new Champions we recruit.

What do community champions do?

They help us to share details of vaccination hubs, community workshops, council meetings and a whole host of other information. Anyone living in Bexley can become a volunteer and help with distributing leaflets and posters across community settings from libraries to faith group gatherings.

We also provide information and training for Community Champions to go into community settings and talk about issues that matter to residents such as mental health support services that exist across the BWP, and can help unlock funding and resources to enable grassroots community health and wellbeing projects.

We have around 500 community champions across Bexley and we want to hear from you if you think you can also help us with our vision to improve the health and wellbeing of Bexley residents, helping them to start well, live well and age well.

How do I become a community champion?

For more information on how you can become a Community Champion email us at:

As a direct response to challenges raised by the pandemic, in order to ensure vital public health messages reached as many people as possible and to provide feedback directly from communities. Since then it has evolved into a movement of people engaged in trying to improve health and wellbeing outcomes in neighbourhoods.

Champions are a mixture of committed individuals and faith/community group representatives, from all walks of life, ages and ethnicities. Activities for champions include training and information sessions on a wide range of health issues, getting involved with local events to spread messages about health and care services available, and being involved as resident representatives on steering groups, interview/funding panels and co-production of new services in the borough.


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